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Thing 1 and Thing 2 are here to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss in a very special way!


Reading here, reading there. Reading is fun everywhere! The bookworms in L2 love to read to one another during our guided reading sessions.

The kids in Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Cozzi's class are already thinking about spring. The children used leaves to create pictures of animals, people and flowers.

Let's give a big hand to the shadow experts in Room 217A. Throughout our work and our play, we learned about shadows each and every day. Light, object, surface are all that you need to make shadows appear indeed!

Colors of the rainbow,

Any will do,

Dinosaur colors are up to

You-if you are a

"Paleontologist" in Class K223-208.


In Mrs. Macca and Mrs. Whalen's class we sorted table blocks into categories. Can you figure it out?

Answers: rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, cylinders


The children in Mrs. Lines and Mrs. Hennessy's class are learning about the artist Georgia O'Keefe. We love her beautiful flowers so much that we decided that we wanted to paint like Georgia using watercolor paints!

"Scientists" in Eckers & Co. investigate the Properties of Water.

Letter Q & U were married with a beautiful reception at Chateau Levanti. Letter Q & U honeymooned in Letter World.








































































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