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August 2016

Greetings 9E Families,
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer vacation.  The weather has been beautiful.  I hope your days have been coupled with exciting adventures and relaxing pursuits.  I would like to take this opportunity to share a few important items with you as we prepare for the upcoming school year.

Last year, we accomplished a great deal together.  For example, we collectively developed our school’s mission and vision statements, which can be found at the bottom of this letter.  These statements will be at the forefront of everything we do throughout the year.  Last year, we also focused on the theme of “Perseverance” and made it an important part of our school’s culture.  This theme became so powerful that it has become ingrained within the fiber of our school.  I am pleased to announce that our theme for this year is “Community.”  This theme is inspired by our school’s mission and vision.  It addresses an essential part of our school.  As a community, we work together to help one another accomplish great things.  We celebrate the things that make us unique and the things that unite us.  Like last year, students will have the chance to participate in projects that focus on our theme.

This year, we will continue providing high-quality, engaging instruction in all subject areas.  There will be a district-wide focus on independent reading.  This has already kicked off with the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  Please review the details of this program below.  Technology will continue to enrich our school.  As part of a district-wide initiative, all sixth graders will be receiving individual Chromebook laptops.  In addition, the Project Extra for All program has been expanded to include grades 4, 5 and 6.  We will continue our emphasis on the writing process, while providing opportunities for students to develop critical problem solving skills in mathematics.

Last year, our School-Based Planning Team worked hard to address issues that are important to our school.  Amongst these issues was the potential impact of outside food.  It is no secret that many of our celebrations incorporate yummy treats and eclectic dishes.  Our team has collectively decided to require that all outside food be store-bought, containing a list of ingredients.  This means that homemade items will not be acceptable for class and school celebrations.  I know that this may be disappointing.  However, our team has extensively discussed the potential risks of homemade food and related ingredients.  Please note that this change will not impact students’ individual lunches and snacks.  We are confident that this change will help to safeguard our students.

As a school, we will continue our efforts to share and collaborate with parents.  We will continue to use Twitter to highlight photographs from the school day and post important reminders using the Remind mobile application.  We will continue to add important information to our school’s website, which can be found on the Oceanside School District homepage.  This year, we will continue with many of the same exciting events and activities that make 9E a great place to be.  We will soon be sending home a schedule with this year’s Morning Meetings. 

Don’t forget, the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is still underway!  If your child has not logged in to the Scholastic website yet, please encourage them to do so as soon as possible.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact the main office.  It’s Minute Mania Month on the Scholastic website.  That means that kids can log all their minutes from the entire summer!  The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge ends on September 9th.  The top readers in each grade will be acknowledged at our first Morning Meeting in September.

The first day of school will be September 1st.  All parents are invited on that day to attend our “Bring Your Own Coffee” meeting sponsored by our PTA at 8:45 am.  Our Back to School BBQ is scheduled for September 16th and Back to School Night is scheduled for September 22nd.  The district calendar is in the mail and will be arriving shortly.  Please review the calendar on a regular basis, as it contains important dates for our school and the district.

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter.  It is a snapshot of the wonderful things on the horizon.  I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the summer and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Mission- The mission of Boardman 9E is to educate students in a positive, engaging environment that values perseverance, respect for others and a genuine love of learning.

Vision- Boardman 9E is a welcoming environment that is creative, caring, safe and inclusive, where we cultivate a foundation for lifelong learning, growth and success.