Dr. Karen Siris















Winter, 2014/15


Dear Parents:


I have worked in the WS Boardman School community for many years now and I am well acquainted

with the high caliber of student that walks through our doors . Our parents and staff work hand in hand

helping each child reach for high goals. I would like to take this opportunity to review information about

the Common Core Standards to keep you informed.


The goal of the The Common Core State Standards is for every single student to be on track for

college and careers by the time they graduate from high school. The increased rigor will:

 help students gain the knowledge and skills that they need to think and work at that deeper level

 create opportunities for all students to excel at reading, writing, speaking, listening, language and


 support students to think critically about what they read and the math that they do

 allow teachers and students to focus on fewer critical concepts in mathematics more deeply

 build students’ abilities to apply what they have learned to the real world

 ensure that all students can communicate strong ideas and arguments in writing and react

powerfully to what they read


We all understand that the Common Core State Standards are challenging and to meet these

challenges we need the support of teachers, parents and district administration. You have all noticed

the increased rigor of our curriculum. As we move the children forward in this new and challenging

work, we are also working to insure that they have the background knowledge and skills that are

necessary for deep understanding. The curriculum we use in Oceanside is closely aligned with the

standards and our teachers are continually trained in the best strategies of instruction to help our

students learn.


You have likely seen and will continue to experience noticeable changes in what and how your child

is learning in school. This could include what you see in classrooms, finished work that comes home,

or even homework assigned to your child. New York State has created a Parents Backpack Guide to

Common Core Standards to help you look for these changes and many other resources to help

support your children’s learning (see http://www.engageny.org/parent-and-family-resources). For a

better sense of what the Common Core looks like in action in classrooms across the state, see the

short video entitled “Teaching is the Core” at: http://www.engageny.org/resource/teaching-is-the-



I want to wish you all a happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! Please feel free

to call or e-mail us us with any questions or thoughts about your child’s education and general well

being at any time.




Karen Siris, Ed.D