Dr. Karen Siris















Fall, 2014


Dear Parents:


We had a wonderful opening to our new school year. This was highlighted by our back to school night

where you had an opportunity to meet your children's teachers and see the welcoming environment

in which they spend many important hours each day. As you heard from our teachers, your children

are involved in challenging and exciting adventures as they meet the challenges of our New York State



To bring our school family together, we celebrate Morning Meetings many times during the year. We

will be exploring many topics including traditions, holidays, and celebrations of diversity. This year we

will link our topics to our feeling words vocabulary to enhance our children's self-awareness.


We also celebrate birthdays and special acts of empathy and kindness at our meetings. On these

special days, as well as at any Morning Meeting, our children love to see you there.


Please come to our Morning Meetings whenever you are available, not only when your child is

highlighted. Everyone knows that " Morning Meeting " is a great way to start your day!"


Looking forward to seeing you often.




Karen Siris, Ed.D






TIME:  8:30am – 8:50am

PLACE:  School 9 Auditorium


DATE                                               Suggested  CURRICULUM LINK                          CLASS_____

September 17                   Overview/Anchors                                                                                     Mrs. Selhorn

October   7                         Columbus Day/Explorers                             Fearful                                Mrs. Iemma

October 30                        Autumn/Halloween                                     Self-Management           Mrs. Whyte



November  7                     Veteran’s Day                                                 Proud                                  Ms. Frank              



November  18                   Thanksgiving                                                  Adaptability                      Mrs. Meyers

December 3                       Winter Thoughts                                            Empathy                            Ms. Bensen

December  17                   Holidays                                                           Happy                                Mrs. Tsang

January  15                        Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday                Empowerment                 Mrs. Chiera

January  29                        Music around the World                             Enthusiastic                       Mrs. Solomon

February  27                      African American  History                           Excluded                            Mrs. Moltisanti

March  11                          Women  in  History                                       Accepted                           Mrs. Lucas

March  25                          Sports                                                               Motivated                         Mrs. Rosenberg

April  1                                Earth Day                                                         Empathy                            Mrs. Speechley

April  29                              Cinco de Mayo                                               Enthusiastic                       Mrs.  Forthofer

May  15                              Art                                                                     Calm                                    Mrs. Velella

May  28                              Memorial Day / Flag Day                             Respect                              Mrs. Moran

June  11                              Reflection / Feeling  Words                   Overview of year Mrs.Hannon                       & word families