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Dear 9E Families,
Spring has officially sprung!  The weather is getting warmer and we’ve already begun planning for our end-of-year activities.  Before we plan for the spring, let’s take a moment to reflect on the winter.  We had so many exciting activities, events and accomplishments.  In March, our talented thespians performed their rendition of “Seussical the Musical.”  This impressive display of creativity was enjoyable and memorable.  A few weeks ago, we hosted our Primetime/Family Fun and Fitness Night.  Kids, parents and staff members participated in workshops such as string art, martial arts and origami.  Thank you to all of our volunteers and attendees for making the event a success.  Throughout the winter, our students have continued to develop their academic skills in all subject areas.  Of memorable note is all their hard work in the area of writing.  They’ve all participated in the writing process and created impressive written pieces, from poetry to “Rocking Research Reports.”

In March, many of our students participated in the second round of Perseverance Projects.  They researched inspiring historical figures and interviewed role models who persevered during their lives.  All participants should be proud of their work.  I encourage everyone to visit our “Perseverance Corner” near the library to read some of these projects and view the accompanying artwork.  The guidelines for our next and final Perseverance Project will be sent out during the first week in May.  For those who are eager to get a head start, the final project will simply ask students to answer the following question in whatever format they choose: What does PERSEVERANCE mean to you?  The project guidelines will include a variety of possible project ideas.  Regardless of how students choose to answer this question, they are encouraged to use their creativity to express themselves.

Thanks to the input from the 9E community and the hard work of the School-Based Planning Team, we now have a working draft of our school’s mission and vision.  We will be finalizing these statements within the next few weeks.  Please feel free to share your feedback using the survey link posted on the 9E website.

Mission- The mission of Boardman 9E is to educate students in a fun, bully-free environment that values perseverance, respect for others and a genuine love of learning.
Vision- Boardman 9E is a welcoming environment that is creative, caring, safe and inclusive, where we cultivate a foundation for lifelong success.

Spring has a great deal to offer.  Our sixth graders are getting ready for all of their culminating activities, including “Sixth Grade Day,” trips and graduation.  Thank you to our parent volunteers on the yearbook committee who have been working hard to create a masterpiece.  Our fifth graders will soon participate in the “Harness the Wind” module as part of the Project Extra for All initiative.  All of our students will continue to work hard to become stronger readers, writers, mathematicians and more.  Although this year’s finish line is in sight, I encourage all students to keep up the momentum and perseverance that has defined the fall and the winter. 

Don’t forget, time is still available to sign you child up for this summer’s Camp Invention.  Details for this unique opportunity are available on the district website.  In addition, I hope you can join us for our PTA meeting on May 12th.  Dr. Harrington and Mr. Van Cott will be presenting important budget information during this meeting.
Thank you to all members of the 9E community for helping to make this school year a success.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you.

J. McPherson