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Registration of New Students

School age children who move into the district should be registered as soon as possible.

Birth Date for School Eligibility

The birth date cut-off for school eligibility is December1, in accordance with state education documents and county-wide norms.  

Registration will only occur if the following documents are provided:

Proof of Residency

ANY ONE OF:  House Deed; Mortgage Statement; Notarized Lease; Residential Parental Affidavit and Residential Homeowner Affidavit

ANY TWO OF:  Pay stub; Income tax form; Utility or other bills; Membership documents (e.g., library cards) based upon residency; Voter registration document(s); Documents issued by federal, state or local agencies (e.g., local social service agency, Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)

ANY ONE OF:  Official driver’s license, learner’s permit or non-driver identification; State or other government issued identification

Proof of Birth

ANY ONE OF:  Birth Certificate; Baptismal Certificate

Proof of Immunization**
ANY ONE OF:  Certificate of immunization signed by physician; Certificate of immunization signed by an official of health clinic, District’s Physical Examination Form signed by a physician
**There is some sense that deadlines may be adjusted. We will follow all guidance from the Department of Health. In the interim, please submit all immunizations completed thus far, and be sure to complete all requirements prior to school opening.
Sworn Affidavits
In the event that the deed or lease where you and your children reside is NOT in your name, notarized sworn affidavits are required.
  • Parental Affidavit – This must be filled out and notarized by the student’s parent.
  • Homeowners Affidavit – This must be filled out and notarized by the person whose name appears on the deed. Please note that if the lease for a rental is not in your name, the homeowner’s affidavit MUST be completed by the landlord or management company ONLY. Notarized affidavits filled out by the buildings superintendent will NOT be accepted.

Additional Required Documents:

Home Language QuestionnaireHealth Exam Form                             Dental Form                                           Scoliosis Form                                       


If Applies:

Release of Record                                                         Residential Form:McKinney Vento HomelessParental Affidavit (see below)                                    Homeowners Affidavit (see below)                         Authorization of Administration of Medicine  

All Incoming Oceanside High School Students

The Following Must Be Completed Before Receiving a Schedule for Attendance

Call the Guidance department at the number listed below to obtain an appointment to meet with your child’s guidance counselor. It is advised that both the parent and child attend this meeting.

If your last name is between A – K call 516-678-7537

If your last name is between L – Z call 516-678-7540

You must provide the Guidance Counselor with a copy of your child’s latest transcript and/or report card from his/her previous school. A schedule CANNOT be created unless these vital documents are provided.