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Voting Information

District Clerk
145 Merle Avenue
Oceanside , N.Y. 11572
School District Voting
(for School District elections, budgets and bonds)

The information on this page pertains only to school district voting. If you wish to vote in local, state and national elections, you must register through the Nassau County Board of Elections. This will also make you eligible for school district election/budget/bond votes. However, when you register to vote at the school district level, you will still have to register with the county to vote in other elections.

To contact the Nassau County Board of Elections, go to:

Voting Location for School District Elections/Budgets/Bonds
School #6 Gym
145 Merle Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572

Register to Vote in School District Elections/Budgets/Bonds

Eligibility: Residents are eligible to register to vote if they are:

•  over 18 years of age,
•  a United States citizen, and
•  an Oceanside School District for at least 30 days  prior to election

Registration: Voter registration shall take place year-round between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays in the District Clerk’s office at 145 Merle Avenue, except during the five days prior to any school district election.

Residents are registered and may vote in any school district election if they:

  • voted at or registered to vote for a school district election within the previous five years (beginning January 1) 
  • are validly registered to vote with County Board of Elections for the General Election



Absentee Ballots

The application for an Absentee Ballot is posted on the website (see above) for your convenience. An original signature is required. Therefore, you must submit this application via regular mail or in person to receive a ballot. Your application will not be accepted via e-mail or fax. Absentee ballots can only be delivered to the applicant. Please be sure to complete the application. Be sure the mailing address is clear, your name and home address are clear, and that you are in fact a registered voter.

The application must be received by the District Clerk at least seven days prior to the election, if the ballot is to be mailed to the voter; or the application must be received by the day before the election, if the ballot is to be personally picked-up. The application must be completed and returned, and the individual must verify therein that he/she meets all voting requirements, and explain the reason for his/her inability to appear in person.